Bringing the facts, stories and meanings of the Holocaust to a younger generation.

Can there be anyone in the UK who doesn't know about the Nazi Holocaust? Surprisingly, yes. And beyond those who are simply unaware, there are others who are determined to either undermine its scale or to reject its existence in totality.

That's why we exist as a museum and as a centre of learning and education. At its simplest, The Holocaust was the attempt by the Nazi regime and its collaborators to murder all of European Jewry during the Second World War, along with other minorities they judged to be 'inferior'. This genocidal policy evolved during the war as the Nazi regime gained more territory, and as more Jewish people came under their control. It culminated in the so called “Final Solution”, the extermination of every living Jew. In the event, the Nazis were finally defeated. Yet not before two-thirds of the European Jewish population - a staggering six million Jewish men, women and children - were brutally and horrifically murdered on an industrial scale, never before seen by mankind.


“The mission of the NHC is to present programmes of learning, based on the Holocaust, that encourage personal responsibility and the promotion of fairness and justice but also challenge learners to take positive action.”

The National Holocaust Centre

The National Holocaust Centre & Museum is the only dedicated memorial, museum and centre of Holocaust learning in the UK. It was established by a Christian family in 1995 and now educates over 30,000 people annually. By teaching the lessons of the Holocaust and by enabling the public to meet and talk to Holocaust survivors, our purpose is to encourage personal responsibility, the promotion of fairness and justice — and to challenge those who hear the message of the Holocaust to take positive action against any form of hate or prejudice that they come across today.

Our mission is to ensure that such an event never, ever happens again and that humanity can grow and develop positively towards each other through learning the lessons of the past.


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